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Dungeon Master
The world's Okayest DM
Tyr the DM
Tyr is a veteran Dungeon Master with 30 years of experience. He was brought into the hobby by random chance and has made a home there. he is a lover of Geek culture and a die hard Warhammer 40k player. He is also a writer, poet, and history enthusiast. Tyr is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ Community. Follow him on X @Tyr_The_DM
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Talash is a 6ft3 Yuan-Ti Monk with brassy blonde hair and bronze and copper skin. Her coloring reminds you of a blooded corn snake all browns, oranges and reds. Her hair has the mottling and stripping like a snakes body and is worn in a loose braid. With copper/red serpent like eyes they always appear aloof and try to stay neutral in all things. Way of the Long Death has taught them that it Talash who decides who gets a short or long death.
and Ragna Moss
Ragna is a 5ft7 Human Paladin she is muscular build with a riot of copper colored curls to her chin and icy blue eyes. Peachy warm complexion that is absolutely covered in freckles both large and small. Sassy and sometimes serious Ragna’s Oath to Eldarran Silvertongue has her looking to squeeze every drop of happiness, fun and pleasure from life even in the darkest of times.
Played by Lolligphapho “Ames”
Just a geeky/nerd/ gamer lady who loves all things Fantasy, some Sci Fi, and Horror. Also super into murder documentaries that are great to watch while crocheting something awesome. Ames is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and is a HUGE supporter of equal rights for all HUMANS. You'll find her all over Twitter as @lolligphapho WOTD's social media fairy.
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Kalibrynn Swiftfoot
Kalibrynn Swiftfoot is a Half-Elf Ranger, graduate of the Helmsson School and a Trailbreaker for the Iron Sage Armies 8-3 Battalion. On a mission, behind enemy lines in Glandamier, he rescued a baby Drake named Ha'ra'Zah. Now on the run with new compatriots, Kalibrynn has pledged himself to the Nightmare King, Raz'a Hazar, and is training Ha'ra'Zah to be one of his protectors.
Played by Loch Clarke
From Atlanta, now in Boston. Loch has been playing/running TTRPGS for over 30yrs. He is a proud Bisexual, who loves Comics, Star Wars, Video Games, and Movies. He is a member of the SCA, who enjoys Heavy Fighting, Live Weapons and studying Viking Culture. Can be found all over the internet as Loch_Unruly (facebook and twitter)
Valen Kagon
Born in Glandamier 37 years ago, Valen lost his parents during the times that led up to the battle of the Demon Bride. He doesn’t remember them, as he was still a babe at the time. His earliest memories are of struggling to survive in the dark alleyways of Glandamier’s slums, using his wits and charm to avoid the worst of the street gangs. He was taken in by one of the Circle of Mages, who trained him and raised him among the high society of Glandamier. His master also helped him harness his sorcerous dark powers.
Played by Raff the Mad
I have been playing DnD and other Tabletop RPG's for over 30 years. I have been a Dungeon Master for most of that time. In addition, I am highly involved on tabletop boardgames/wargaming as well. I can be found on X (formerly Twitter) and various other social medias as Raff the Mad.
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Chanda Sienna
Played by Ren
Ren got involved with playing D&D when a friend brought her along to a game 20 years ago, and has been playing on and off ever since. She is a lover of history, roller derby, and all things nerdy. Ren is also a proud member and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. Follow her on X @Ren_Matley.
Ostriga Garmede
Played by Kendall